20x 20x 6mm Micro DC Cooling Fan
Our 20mm 2006 DC Cooling Fan is leading the industry in micro-fan technology. With its small and sophisticated technology, this fan's application is incredibly versatile. It has been used in micro projectors, handheld game consoles and various micro electronic products

50x 50x 10mm DC Blower
An ultra-thin side blower fan, producing strong air volume and cooling solutions. This fan is often used in medical equipment and a variety of computer motherboards due to its unmatched power

15x 15x 6mm Micro DC Cooling Fan
This mini fan has been specifically designed for use in micro electronics, where space for components is extremely limited. The fan efficiently cools down any heat source, yet with its tiny size is incredibly versatile. Due to its size and weight it's most often used in micro projectors, micro players, and other micro electronic devices

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